In Seville

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Seville is full of joy and Sevillanos are known for their hospitality.

In the summer, when the temperature is still in the 30s (ºC) at night, there's a big bar scene along the river, including Arjona and Torneo streets, and Calle Betis in Triana on the other side of the river, as well as outdoor bars in some of the parks. If you are looking for a club scene, there are several places in Isla de la Cartuja, where young people pack into the many seasonal outdoor venues. A Cubata (double measure of spirit with mixer) will normally set you back between 4-5 euros, while a small glass of beer (Caña) is about 1.20 euro. Red wine (vino tinto) is tasty, often a variety of Spanish Rioja, and costs about 1.50 to 2 euros a glass, while the white (Blanco) is also a good option.

Seville is great for going out due to the huge variety of venues in a small area. You can easily visit four or five bars with completely different ambiences without walking more than ten minutes between any of them. The main areas are: Alfalfa, where the pedestrian street Pérez Galdós fills up with people on Friday and Saturday nights; Alameda, which has a more alternative scene, with lots of gay bars and clubs; and Calle Betis by the river in Triana, which is wall-to-wall with venues, from quiet bars to all-night clubs.